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Are we moving to the cloud? This question is changing from "if" to "when" and "how"

Blogged by Björn Meyer on Friday, July 14 2017

Business-critical documents must be created and stored on premise!

This is a sentence that was and might be valid for information governance people around the globe. Companies must exercise control over its data processing and ensure that data is processed on valid legal grounds and in a secure environments. All of that is true, but the ship has already sailed on the cloud. The cloud is not the solution for everything, but it should be part of every process planning discussion.

Are we moving to the cloud?

Digital transformation changed every process in today's business world. The number of e-commerce transactions skyrocket and supply chains are fully connected. In nearly any business process, documents and reports need to be designed, created, shared and archived.

Companies who are not digitizing their operations and documents will be left behind

As Text Control, we are very strong in the healthcare industry and this seems to be the fastest and most dynamic vertical when it comes to digitization of document processes. This is surprising as you would think that the data protection barriers are significantly higher in this industry. And that is very true.

But with the help of incentives (and penalties), the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act in the United States, paper records have been transformed to electronic patient records very quickly.

Are we moving to the cloud?

In the 70s, the "paperless office" have been promoted mainly with cost saving incentives, because documents were not supposed to be printed anymore. We all know that the "paperless office" didn't happen yet. In the near future, paper won't go away completely. But an effective digitization will be crucial for companies. We believe that the form of a document will continue to survive even with 100% digital transactions.

Consider a complete paperless office and a paperless order process. Company A is ordering a product from company B. The order is arriving digitally directly in company B's system (let's say as JSON as this format is hip right now). The seller is checking inventory automatically and when the products are available, they are shipped. An order notification, shipping "paper" and an "invoice" is generated in JSON form and will be sent to the procurement system of company A.

So far so good. The goods have been exchanged, digital invoices have been sent and the transaction is completed. This process works very well, if all business partners provide the same interface to their EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) systems and if all business partners have such a system. Additionally, this works very well with pre-negotiated terms and conditions. But as long as a human is involved in this process, a human-friendly paper format based document is required. The paper format is the perfect format to get a quick overview of a transaction. Compare an invoice to a dashboard report that summarizes mass data that could not be recognized easily by looking at the pure data.

Users will increasingly demand pixel-perfect information on any device

Employees use a variety of devices to process and view documents in business processes. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers must be included in each and every process. Creating documents and forms for each of these devices from one source is the goal in these cases.

The PDF format is the de facto standard and successor of the printed document. It has the same paper based format, cannot (easily) be modified, can be encrypted, protected and controlled (user access options) and it is available in several ISO standards such as PDF/A for archiving purposes.

Today's business applications need to include paper-based processes, PDFs and digital documents

Text Control provides the tools to integrate powerful document processing into business applications. Documents and reporting templates can be created and modified in any browser using a fully featured WYSIWYG MS Word-like interface and documents such as invoices can be created on a server or in the cloud. Text Control products help to integrate PDF document workflows into processes and to create centralized document creation processes.

Are we moving to the cloud?

Text Control ReportingCloud brings complete reporting functionality to the cloud so all developers can use it, irrespective of the platform or language they're using. Its highly RESTful API can be used to merge Microsoft Word compatible templates with JSON data from all clients including .NET, Javascript, PHP, Node.JS, jQuery, Ruby, Python, Android, Java and iOS.

More impressions from DWX Developer Week 2017

Blogged by Björn Meyer on Thursday, June 29 2017

The DWX Developer Week 2017 was a huge success. We really enjoyed the powerful atmosphere talking to so many enthusiastic developers about our products, technologies and services.

On the last day, we had our XBox One raffle and handed out again hundreds of Text Control yo-yos. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth. User feedback and innovation drives our development. We are spending a significant amount of resources to support conferences and community events around the world, because we believe in the technology we all use every day.

We are convinced that those technical events from developers for developers are very important to build a thriving developer community.

Find below more impressions of the raffle and our booth area:

See you next year!

DWX Developer Week 2017: First impressions

Blogged by Björn Meyer on Tuesday, June 27 2017

We are currently exhibiting at Germany's largest conference: DWX Developer Week. We are giving away our Text Control yo-yos, raffling off an XBox One and talking about our reporting libraries, our roadmap for version X15 and upcoming products.

Below, you will find some impressions of the conference atmosphere and our booth area:

Stay tuned for more impressions of the following days.

NDC Oslo 2017 impressions: Part II

Blogged by Björn Meyer on Monday, June 19 2017

Last week, we exhibited at NDC Oslo 2017 - a fantastic event. We would like to say thank you to all attendees who stopped by our booth to talk about our products and services. It was a lot of fun talking to everybody.

Below, you will find the second part of impressions of the conference atmosphere and our booth area:

See you next year!

First day at NDC Oslo 2017: Some impressions

Blogged by Björn Meyer on Thursday, June 15 2017

We just wrapped up the first day of NDC Oslo 2017 where we are exhibiting as partners since 4 years now. At this fantastic conference in the Oslo Spektrum, more than 2000 developers meet to learn, share and connect.

We talked to so many users and interested attendees about our products and handed out hundreds of our blue Text Control yo-yos and Text Control stickers.

Find below some impressions of the conference and our booth area:

We will post more impressions of NDC Oslo 2017 over the next days. Happy coding!

Meet Text Control at Developer Week 2017 (DWX) in Nuremberg

Blogged by Björn Meyer on Wednesday, June 07 2017

Meet Text Control at Developer Week 2017 (DWX) in Nuremberg

#BlackShirt is coming to DWX in Nuremberg for his keynote: Learn about Mobile DevOps with Xamarin, HockeyApp and Visual Studio Team Services.

If you want to see Donovan L Brown (#BlackShirt) live on stage and learn from 150+ other great speakers around the world, you should attend this conference in Germany. On June, 26-29 2017, attendees can learn in 200+ sessions more about .NET, web and mobile development, agile practices and UI development.

We will be exhibiting with a small team to present our roadmap of TX Text Control X15 and to give demos of our reporting functionality. If you are attending, stop by our booth and say hello.

See you in Nuremberg!

Impressions from DevIntersection Spring in Orlando, FL

Blogged by Björn Meyer on Tuesday, May 23 2017

The last day of the DevIntersection conference is behind us and we look back to fantastic days at this event. At our booth, we presented the feature roadmap of TX Text Control X15 (25.0). We gave demos of all our products at our demo counters, talked to many users and met many interesting people in our industry.

In the next blog entries, I will introduce the upcoming features we presented at the conference including:

There are many more features coming in version X15, but the above feature set reflects the current development status and our beta versions we presented at this conference and upcoming conferences in the next weeks (NDC Oslo and DWX Developer Week in Nuremberg).

We handed out 500+ Text Control yo-yos and, as always, raffled off an XBox One to a lucky winner of our drawing.

Find below some impressions of the conference and our booth area:

See you in Vegas for DevIntersection Fall!

Impressions from Magdeburger Developer Days 2017

Blogged by Björn Meyer on Monday, May 15 2017

Last week, we exhibited at the Magdeburger Developer Days 2017 conference as a main sponsor. It was a very successful event for us and all attendees. Well organized, top speakers and a very modern location.

At our booth, Christopher, Thorsten and André talked about our latest products and services and gave demos of our reporting components for .NET developers. We sponsored the beer at the party after the first conference day which was a great success.

On the second day, we raffled off an XBox One. Thanks to the organization team and all attendees who stopped by our booth - we had a lot of fun.

Find below some impressions of our booth area :

See you next year!

Impressions from dotnet Cologne 2017

Blogged by Björn Meyer on Monday, May 08 2017

Last week, we sponsored the community conference dotnet Cologne 2017 and exhibited in the expo area. Christopher, Thorsten and André enjoyed talking to existing and new users of our reporting components for .NET.

We gave demos of our reporting libraries for ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF and the Web API REST reporting platform ReportingCloud. As always, it was a lot of fun and the number of enthusiastic developers at the conference proves the quality and position in the list of community events in Germany. Thanks to the dotnet Cologne team - it was a great success.

Find below some impressions of our booth area at dotnet Cologne 2017:

See you next year!

Meet Text Control at NDC Oslo 2017

Blogged by Björn Meyer on Thursday, April 27 2017

Meet Text Control at NDC Oslo 2017

How time flies! NDC is coming back to the Oslo Spektrum in Norway 12-16 June 2017. This huge conference (170+ speakers, 19 workshops, 170+ sessions) started in Oslo back in 2008, now with events in London, UK and Sydney, Australia.

Looking at the speaker line-up, you will find the top speakers from around the world in our industry. With more than 2000 attendees, this is one the largest conferences in Europe and the place to be to learn more about new trends in the software developer community.

As an NDC Partner, we are exhibiting in the large expo hall together with other leading vendors. If you are attending this great event, make sure to stop by our booth.

See you in Oslo!

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